Who follows KORFBALINC?

Our platform takes the leading position as the largest independent platform dedicated to korfball, with an impressive number of 28,900 followers across various social media channels (reference date March 2024). But who actually makes up our follower base? Thanks to a series of surveys and statistical data from social media, we can paint a clear picture. Read below for more details.

General Features

Given that korfball is a sport played by both men and women, the distribution of our followers reflects this mix almost exactly (women: 47.5%, men: 52.5%). There is also a broad spectrum in terms of age distribution. The most prominent age category among our followers is the 18 to 24 group, which makes up 22% of our follower base. After that, the percentage gradually decreases, but the data shows that korfbalinc also attracts a significant number of older followers. It's interesting to note that the age distribution varies by platform, with TikTok attracting a younger audience, Instagram sitting in the middle, and Facebook and our Podcast being more popular among an older audience. Although korfbalinc is of Dutch origin, it also attracts international attention. About 80% of our followers come from the Netherlands, 6% from Belgium, and the rest are spread around the world, mainly within the EU. The Dutch followers mainly live in the big cities, mainly in South Holland, with The Hague and Dordrecht as the leaders (1.9% each).

Involvement in Korfball

The core of our followers consists of active korfball players: 80% play matches themselves, while the remaining 20% ​​do not (anymore). These followers mainly come from the recreational sport of korfball (50%), while a smaller proportion play in the competition class.

Regarding the age categories within the sport, the largest group of active korfball players can be found among seniors (42%). The older youth categories are also well represented on our platform, with 17% from A youth and 26% from B youth. The younger youth members form the remaining 15% of korfbalinc's korfball followers.

The average follower

The typical korfbalinc follower is a young adult with a passion for korfball. They probably live in a major city in the Netherlands, possibly South Holland, and are active on social media, with their interests ranging from the quick clips on TikTok to the in-depth discussions on Facebook and podcasts. This follower plays korfball, usually at a recreational level, enjoying the competition and community that the sport provides. Their involvement in korfball is both on the field and online, where they stay informed about everything korfball related by following korfbalinc.

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