Advertising via KORFBALINC.

Advertising on KORFBALINC. offers a unique opportunity to reach an active and sporty target group that is mainly concerned with korfball. With approximately 30,000 followers on our various social media channels and an impressive monthly reach of an average of 500,000, our platform is central to the korfball community. In addition, with approximately 3,000 unique visits per month, we have the largest independent korfball website on

The core of our followers consists of korfball players and enthusiasts, but our content appeals to a broad audience. We offer various advertising options to convey your message in the most effective way. I (Gijs Meester) recently successfully completed an e-learning course on laws and regulations in influencer marketing, which gave me in-depth insight into the essential rules and best practices for transparent collaborations. Together we can develop strategies that are not only effective, but also fully compliant with legislation, making your campaigns not only visible but also accountable.

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